• Mel Hack

The Seeds of Trust in Life & Love

I was at this sound bath event, and during the ritual, we planted some seeds in a jar. We brought soil from the city we are living in, and supported by mediation, we found each of our personal intention to put into the seed. My intention was -


Only a few days took until the first tiny green sprouts were seen on the soil's surface. It kept on growing, fast, somewhat light-hearted. The leaves showed an especially bright green. Still, I have no idea what plant that was. Every other day I used to water it. At some point started to wonder if there are any buds and if it might bloom.

Today planting this seed is three months ago. During these three months, I went through a lot of transformational experiences. I met new beautiful, creative people, some of whom are now part of my life. I met again a man who assaulted me four years ago and decided to report him. I found empathetic, caring support in this. I mingled with the local LGBTQIA+ community and immediately throve in this colorful environment. I lived my bisexuality more openly. I started to collaborate with my art projects. I sang for the first time at an open mic, supported by my people. I held my first workshops. I attended a workshop and found an incredible mentor. I was part of a sweet Romanian love ritual with two other women. I had meaningful dreams and insights. I had a breakthrough about how I naturally relate with people. And I met people who love the same way I do.

.. oh so many traces of people I’m feeling in my body while writing this! Beloved beings, you know who you are, my heart is full.

I found out how powerful creative community is. I shifted my focus from what I don’t want to what I want and embodied the power of focus as the direction I’m walking towards. [read the text about it here] I made the active decision to not be ashamed anymore of anything I am. And as I was set free like that, I realized these things are actually my superpower. I discovered what huge repertoire of wisdom and tools I’ve collected. I learned that I can trust this potential and ability. I experienced true companionship. I experienced love in the free, intimate, and caring way, I had only a blurred vision of. I learned that I can be vulnerable and safe at the same time. And I tapped into these fields, with a lot of shivers, and fear, but enough curiosity to dare it anyway. I accepted the invitations of life, and found love.

Four days ago, my plant’s leaves began to hang.

The soil didn’t soak up the water anymore. I removed the leftover water and gifted the plant more attention. Yet the wilting process continued. Today I understood she decided to fade. And with tears in my eyes, I acknowledge her work was done. I was her blooming. Her time has come. And mine, too. There’s love in letting go. Even in the sorrow.

I love you, plant of trust in life and love.

Your seeds were so powerful, way more than I could ever imagine. Thank you for your tenderness and your challenge. And thank you for this meaningful goodbye. Thank you for again highlighting and honoring the organic cycle of life and death, of endings and beginnings, intertwined, like your leaves. Your wisdom will continue growing within me, and I will continue

dancing with life and love in this spirit of trust.

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