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I wish I could be more true to myself ...

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

thoughts of the day - 21/2/2021


in being true to oneself

doesn't go together.

Imperfection is human.

Sometimes we think we make a good decision

and understand only later

that this wasn't what we truly wanted

or needed,

for several reasons.

And that's totally okay.

So in the moment of choice

we were absolutely true to ourselves.

Realizing later that it wasn't it,

is called learning,

not betrayal.

Failure doesn't mean

abandoning ourselves.

We can stand with ourselves

in the middle of the mess.

No reason to beat oneself up

or judge.

Do what you want, babe!

Don't hesitate.

Dare to follow the path of joy.

You know what that is.

Don't fear mistakes.

Trust yourself.

You're doing fine.

mel hack

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