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Hey there, be welcome!


I'm glad you found your way to this space of creation. Because I believe this is where health and aliveness reside - in creativity. It's my deepest passion to hold that space for myself and others. In many of our lives, creativity has not naturally a prominent place. Yet art is not a luxury. Being creative and artistically expressive is a basic human need and important for our holistic health. Art is pleasure. Art is therapeutic. And everybody can be artistic. We are the masters and mistresses of our work, and everyone alone decides how to create it and whether we are satisfied or wanna change something. Being creative is being in the moment.


As an artist by nature, I experienced plenty of various ways how healing art is. It saved me through many times of profound transformation. Therefore working with art therapy was the natural thing to do for me. In my valued tool kit, there is my beloved project SCIN, and besides painting, I like to work with dancing/intuitive movement, voicing, and writing. Some of my thoughts during my journey I'm sharing here in my blog when I think it can help others, too. The magic and power of words and storytelling is something I'm especially passionate about.

As am permanently in the urge of writing, I trust in the organic dynamic of it, when I take the position of the author and reader at the same time while writing. When we write down our thoughts we listen to ourselves and thus can meet us in our hearts. 

I'm sharing quite personal parts of my journey, and this I do with confidence and intention. I believe that stories have to be told. Braking the silence, especially with things we are afraid to expose. In a world of high expectations, control, and perfectionism the request for softness, emotions, and connection is obvious and mandatory. I'm opening up and showing my own imperfection, and struggle, yet also my breakthroughs and little victories, in all the art I do. This also is an attempt against stigmas. I speak out loud uncomfortable stuff (trigger warning included), so they can become more normal to talk about.


We all have these stories. If something resonates with you, or you have a story to tell, please, don't hold yourself back - write me. I'm happy to hear from you.




About Vivalida

VIVALIDA expresses pretty adequately what was lingering in my chest for so long, and eventually got liberated.

It's put together from VIVA / LIFE and VALIDA / PERMISSION.

Sometimes we exist only, in that space between living, but not really living. Only moving in the range other people allow. But every being's life is valid. It belongs to us, and we allowed to do anything that makes me happy and fulfilled. Yet it is on us to go for it.


The desire for freedom, acceptance, for permission to live fully, in all the unique imperfections, leads to self. Liberation is found when taking life into the own two hands, caring in self-love and responsibility for true well-being. And no one is alone in this.

Our struggle is nothing to be ashamed of, rather than something that connects us, when we open up about it and share our experiences and insights. Not having to hide anything any longer makes us unstoppable. Herein lies the power of the PERMISSION TO LIVE -

the essence of VIVALIDA.


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