About me


This is me, Mel -

driven by the magic and power of words and storytelling.

As am permanently in the urge of writing, I trust in the organic dynamic of another point of view, being touched and inspired, both - whilst journaling, and by reading.

This is a very personal journey, and I love to share it with you. I believe that stories have to be told. Braking the silence, especially with things we are afraid to speak out loudly. In a world of regulated control and aimed perfectionism I'm opening up by writing, for there will for sure always be someone out there who is grateful for another being, picking together all their courage, whilst not listening to their doubts and just wrote it down.

About Vivalida

VIVALIDA expresses pretty adequately what was lingering in my  chest for so long.

It's put together from VIVA  /LIFE and VALIDA  /PERMISSION. This topic is implanted in my bones since ever. The aim for freedom to live, for permission to exist in our imperfections seems to be the story of my life, and I accept it without judgemental.

As I meet many people along this path, I believe that this is nothing to be ashamed of rather than something to open up about and share experiences and insights. Especially guilt and shame are part of the theme - and deciding to not hide anything is part of the journey to peace, liberation and power.

If you wanna know more about that topic - I wrote a blog post on this. Check it out here.