Skin is a protective barrier and at the same time an open membrane through which we connect with our environment. We feel, sense, and absorb sensory stimuli. Skin is considered the mirror of the soul. What if we could experience our skin not only receptively, but also expressively? If we could send out what is inside us, make it visible?


I am fascinated by sensuality and the magical organism of our body. This asked within me for color, to choose it consciously, to mix it, to put it on a support, and to express with it what is inside me. I wanted to feel the color with my skin, to remove the distance between myself and the canvas, and thus immerse myself in my work.


This expedition continually surprises me. Merging with my work is a particularly personal dimension of intimacy that I share with my performance.


Sometimes sensations feel like we are radiating. Or bleed. And we do. Our feelings, hopes, our past, and therefore our future, surround us in an inexplicable way like an aura. Invisibly, we send out vibrations that others are able to receive and sense. With my project SCIN I bring these vibrations very close, make them tangible, and visible.


The image itself is not the main thing. The natural process is. The authenticity. I don't produce anything, I don't generate. I lift boundaries and let flow what needs space, and freedom. The only thing that can come out is what was there before. It is an organic process that I cultivate and share.


Thus, my works are not only the actual act of painting itself. Each is a single project whose process begins long before the visual revelation. Growing from a seed that opens and spreads underground until it breaks through the boundary of the visible - the membrane, my skin

Media content will follow soon. Stay tuned!