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I am a Queen

A Queen claims the ground she walks on.

A Queen chooses her battles wisely.

A Queen is open to receive.

A Queen knows how to indulge the best.

A Queen's no is sharp.

A Queen can show herself vulnerably

because that's her strength

and she knows this power protects her.

A Queen loves to be tender.

A Queen fosters her softness.

A Queen accepts her challenges with authenticity.

A Queen embraces her limitations

without shame.

A Queen is connected to the Moon.

A Queen is deeply rooted.

A Queen naturally follows the path of pleasure.

A Queen takes what she wants naturally with ease.

A Queen treats every being with respect and kindness.

A Queen takes responsibility for her mistakes.

A Queen fails with grace.

A Queen's dignity is her crown.

A Queen’s word is unambiguous.

A Queen is being spoiled by life.

A Queen sparkles.

A Queen is very aware

of that

she is a Queen.

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