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Like a flower

an older text I just stumbled across,
I felt like sharing -

Just like a flower

my beauty

and magic

exists in freedom,

without any goal

or expectation.


I just bloom,

unfold my blossom leaves

in grace,

spread my enchanting scent

as a mystery,

let my intriguing colors shine

without shame.


It’s to delight everyone

but to be possessed by no one.


Don’t try to pick me.

I can only be a pleasure

when I’m rooted in the ground.

If you wanna own me

I will wilt in your hand,

and sadly fade

in that lonely vase.


Don’t try to tame

my tender wilderness.

For I need to claim space

in my very own kind of shape,

to catch up the wind

the sun and the rain,

that i can offer my nectar to the bees

and stand in my full loveliness.


And don’t try to dull

my seductive energy.

I don’t belong to anybody.

My origin powers,

my concrete potential,

and my multi faceted qualities

are given to me

to serve everybody who respects,

values and fosters me.


Just like a flower

I wanna be loved.

Come to me,

sit by me.

Smell me

look at me,

caress me.

Be with me.


And leave me with the promise

you will be back.

I will be there

awaiting you

in my delicate beauty

and soft magic

as long as I can

and you let me.




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